Season two of Crit Fail Club, Wolf, uses the AGE System 1e, and is set in the world of Thedas, the setting for the award-winning Dragon Age series of video games.

Amber plays Yariel of Clan Sabrae, an elf warrior who lost his brother, and later his clan, under mysterious circumstances. He wears the scars of his past like armor, and desires nothing more than vengeance.

K plays Kasaanda, a qunari mage who escaped the Qun in war-torn Seheron after a lifetime of being bound and leashed for her magical ability. She lives in constant fear of being found by her handler, Arvaraad, and being returned to the iron grip of the Qun.

Val plays Elyan Bayard, a human rogue hailing from Orlais. He left his backwoods mountain town to come to Val Royeaux, where he trained as a bard for a few years only to be framed for murder and driven away from his new life.

Wolf is set a year after the events of Dragon Age: Inquisition, and continues the saga of Thedas in the Tevinter Imperium. Our heroes are captured by slavers, join a band of freedom fighters, and must face down ancient Elven gods and even the Sixth Blight.

Wolf is complete and available to listen wherever you get your podcasts!