Season one of Crit Fail Club, Fracture, uses the D&D 5e system and is set in the canonical D&D universe, primarily on the continent of Faerûn. It uses a custom campaign designed by Tessa.

Amber plays Nyla Lighthands, a halfling rogue raised in an idyllic riverside village with parents who loved her despite her constant attempts at larceny from anyone who got within 10 feet of her.

K plays Ariazes, a tiefling druid who was orphaned early in life and raised among wood elves. From early in life, her heritage made her a target of ire from those around her, and Ariazes was only able to find sanctuary in her father and his peaceful, reclusive, nature-worshiping ways.

Val plays Seluein Dwyr, an elf wizard who was born into an unusually large family in Silverymoon with plenty of siblings. Her inclination for practicing necromancy made her something of a family pariah.

The campaign begins in Baldur’s Gate, and follows the three heroes as they track down the son of a nobleman, a quest that leads them to a strange cult of Beshaba, three artifacts of universe-bending power, and a threat to the very fabric of reality.

Fracture is complete and available to listen wherever you get your podcasts!