Season three of Crit Fail Club, Restoration, uses the D&D 5e system and is set in the canonical D&D universe, specifically the Association for Planar-Temporal Analysis and Protection in the city of Silverymoon. It’s a custom campaign designed by Val.

Amber plays Gwaenid Battlestar, a half-elf wizard and excitable APTAP intern. He’s left home for the first time since his mother died, and is excited to pad his resume while he gets his university education.

K plays Chaszmyr, a drow artificer and seasoned employee of APTAP. His hobbies include science, flirtation, and running from his own feelings.

Tessa plays Sarathiel Pendarron, a high elf fighter who has lived his whole life at APTAP. He is the eye candy en residence and, so far as anyone can tell, has never had a single thought in his life.

Our heroes are grouped together as a field team out of necessity when there’s a deadly and mysterious attack on APTAP headquarters. Before they realize it, they’re swept up in a sinister plot that takes them through the realms and even across time… and forces them to confront the question of who the real enemy is: the saboteur, or the organization they attacked?

Restoration is an ongoing campaign. You can listen wherever you get your podcasts!