This is the website for the podcast

Crit Fail Club started in mid-2018, technically, when Tessa (hi, that’s me) wanted to run a campaign for Curse of Strahd, despite the fact that I was already in the middle of a different D&D campaign with my friends.

So me and some other friends formed a much smaller, side group to run the campaign and we had a great time. I fell completely in love with their characters and their dynamic — so much so that after they killed Strahd and freed Barovia from his evil clutches (spoilers), I just kept going. I put them through two more sequel campaigns, this time written by me instead of Wizards of the Coast, Wrath of Asmodeus and Rise of N’gaath. If you know where to look, you might be able to find a few recordings of them.

It was right around the time that they killed Asmodeus in Nessus and reclaimed the Jagged Sword (spoilers) that I started realizing how good this campaign was, and how well all the players gelled with each other, and I started kicking around the idea of starting a podcast with them. We fiddled around with Audacity. We bought good microphones. And then we just kind of did it.

Cut to the present, and look how far we’ve come! Actually, I’m writing this post before we’ve even recorded the first episode of Fracture, but I assume we’ve been a wild success. Probably already won a Webbie and made millions in sponsorship deals.

Or maybe we’re still just playing D&D in our pajamas and no one’s heard of us. Either way, I guarantee you we’ve had fun along the way.